In Hoboken
the new novel by Christian Bauman

"Rich in character and detail...[Bauman's] prose reverberates in the white space around it."
-Robert Stone

"A gritty, lyrical ode to Jersey."
-Neal Pollack


"Bauman is an incredible writer. [In Hoboken] is one of those books -- like Lethem when he's cooking, or Chabon at his most vibrant -- when every line snaps and propels you forward."
-Paul Constant, The Stranger (Seattle)

"[Bauman writes] a female voice that rings so true that it makes me want to hunt down every person who ever raved to me about how well Wally Lamb 'got' women in She's Come Undone and force them to read this book."
-Jen Crispin,

The Ice Beneath You